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Version historic:

Version date: 2022-06-06

  • Automatic emails protocol update
  • Infeasibility Analysis: Fixed bug with flows defined for all products (null)
  • Solution: Fixed map not showing when all flux are empty for an UOM
  • Import Access: Optimized flow importation
  • AccessFileGenerator:
    • New fields: SecondaryValueLabel and SecondaryValue (For carbon and others)
    • Column header are now case-sensitive again
    • Better logging
    • MFFP mode: Configurable product names
    • MFFP mode: Fixed error on null Excel fields
  • Updated documentation

Version date: 2019-07-30

  • AccessFileGenerator: Now downloadable on the home page
  • AccessFile: Better robustness
  • Optimization Page: Infeasables problems are no longuer shown as timeouts
  • Summary: Network summary is not shown if bigger than 25 business units
  • Map: It is now possible to hide business unit icons in the "Dynamic" menu

Version date: 2019-05-06

  • Optimization Engine:
    • Problem Building: Faster with better logging
    • Indicator Computation: Better performances and robustness
  • Acces File:
    • New button to duplicate business units
    • Better robustness
  • Optimization Page:
    • Jobs can now time out after a set amount of time
    • A PythonFile column appear in the optimization execution list when a python file is used
    • A link to the solution of the execution is now displayed for each optimization execution when a solution is available
  • Solution Page : Fixed the python file name display

Version date: 2018-12-04

  • Bigger problem size support:
    • Fixed out-of-memory errors on big file importation
    • Faster page loading
    • Summary: Network is not shown if bigger than 25 business units
    • Optimization: Log is only loaded on demand
  • Access File: Initial inventories can now be defined
  • Solution: Used python file is now shown
  • Bad inventory capacities when they are defined for some products but not all
    • Fixed, but causes bad performances

Version date: 2018-10-10

  • It is now possible to define a secondary objective value (GHG, etc)
  • It is now possible to define initial inventories for any BusinessUnits in a problem

Version date: 2018-09-19

  • Optimization:
    • Fixed infinite problem generation when period length < 1 day
    • Better error reporting when a supply or demand quantity is defined many times for a given business unit at a given period for a given product
  • User Management:
    • Email confirmation added
    • Password Reset allowed
    • It is now possible for an administrator to change an unconfirmed user's email address and to re-send an account confirmation email to that new email address
  • Access File: now supports period length with decimals
  • Access Import: Periods are now validated
  • Fixed top right user panel glitch
  • Gurobi is no longer enabled by default
  • Better server side logs

Version date: 2018-06-20

  • Home page: Documentation
    • Formation guides added
    • Section added
  • Problem list:
    • Selected filters will now be remembered during the user's session duration
    • Faster loading time
  • Import Excel: Detect when a FlowCapacity is set on an unknown product
  • Infeasibility Analysis: Now detects flows moving products that cannot be produced or consumed
  • User Management : Access to CPLEX and GUROBI solvers are now managable
  • GLPK: Disabled MIP GAP

Version date: 2018-05-23

  • Fixed dropped jobs when Optimizing or with GDOS

Version date: 2018-05-15

  • Fixed dropped jobs "Cannot find problem associated with jobId"
  • Excel File Export:
    • Fixed to allow the exportation of problems with many FlowCapacity for all products at the same period
    • Fixed to allow the exportation of CustomComputedIndicators with no period
  • Python Helper: Fixed problem when many solvers are calling problem.GetGroupTag on the same problem at the same time
  • Logilab: Problem list is now ordered by descending ID by default

Version date: 2018-03-06

  • Access File Export: Enabled for all users
  • Interactive Optimization:
    • Solution files can now be exported directly from LogiLab
    • Now enabled for all users
    • Cannot be used with MIP
  • Mathematical Optimization Engine: Process variable name now includes period
  • Google Translate Disabled

Version date: 2018-01-25

  • Custom Calculated Indicators:
    • Can now created by users with Python
    • Can now be used to constrain problem
    • Can now be used to configure an Interactive Optimization
    • Can now be linked to Products, Processes, GroupTags or GroupTagTypes
    • Are now exported with standard Excel Export
  • Infeasibility Analysis:
    • Detection of processes with no consumption or production
    • Disabled CPLEX infeasibility analysis
  • Suppliers are now allowed to have ExternalSupplies
  • Excel Export: Now allows unconventional flow capacities
  • Access File: Fixed frmDev.RunQueries
  • Power BI: The Access solution file can now be linked to the file RapportSolutionPowerBI.pbix (downloadable on the home page) to analyse the solution
  • GroupTags can now have a GroupTagType
  • Better Performances (Access importation and Problem Deletion)
  • Better Logging (Optimization, Access Export, Python, Problem delete, Duplicates detection)
  • Python Helper:
    • universe.CloseBUExceptForPeriods(BusinessUnit aBU, int[] aPeriodToOpenList)
    • universe.GetVariableTypeName(Element anElement)

Version date: 2017-09-05

  • Group Tags: It is now possible to group Business units, flows, processes and products with Group tags (Access File Only)
  • Optimization Page:
    • Faster to load
    • A column "Objective value" has been added for optimizations having a solution
  • Solution Page: Business unit indicators and flow indicators can now be filtered by group tags
  • Excel Exportation/Importation:
    • New columns: VariableName, Destination, TransportationMode, UOM
    • Infinite external supplies are now correctly exported/imported
    • Infinite demand are now correctly exported
    • Solution importation logging
  • Access File:
    • Basic demand and supplies can now be generated automatically
    • Solutions can now be cleared from file using frmDev form
  • Problem Deletion : The risk of having a Deadlock error when deleting problems is now greatly reduced
  • Mathematical Optimization Engine:
    • Variable names cleaned-up and easier to identify
    • Constraint names cleaned-up and easier to identify

Version date: 2017-07-31

  • LogiLab:
    • It is now possible to filter and order the problems in the LogiLab problem list page
    • It is now possible to protect a problem to prevent it from being deleted
  • Importation:
    • The parameter AutoOptimize can now be specified. When its value is true and if the deployment succeed, the problem will be optimized automatically
    • Access: When multiple identical flows are imported, only the first one is kept and the others are ignored with a warning
    • Access: Business units of type TranshipmentArea and Storage can now have processes
  • User Management:
    • It is now possible for an administrator to promote a user to "SuperUser" for a group
    • A "SuperUser" of a group can add or remove user from the group
  • Excel Exportation: Parameters sheet is now written
  • Access Input File:
    • New button to create all basic flows automatically
    • Fixed: Flow creation form crashes when trying to create a flow without selecting a unit of measure

Version date: 2017-06-20

  • Optimization : Optimization time greatly improved

Version date: 2017-06-08

  • Access import : When a process consumption or production quantity is 0, it is being ignored with a warning

Version date: 2017-05-29

  • Access import:
    • When supply is infinite, quantity is ignored with a warning
    • When demand is infinite, quantity is ignored with a warning
    • Elements imported in the wrong business unit type are now ignored with a warning. (Ex. : A supply in a factory)
  • LogiLab page: BestProfit column can now display negative profit
  • Optimization page: Infeasable status and Infeasable Solution Analysis diagnotic prototype
  • Solution page: When supply is infinite, quantity won't have any impact on the business unit Utilization indicator

Version date: 2017-04-10

  • New BusinessUnitType: WoodHarvester
  • Importation: Only one problem file is now allowed
  • Excel import: Fixed solution importation
  • Access import:
    • Access file format updated
    • More detailled importation log
  • Optimization page: New optimization parameters:
    • ExportExcelSolution: Used to export automatically an Excel solution file when the problem is solved
    • ExportAccessSolution: Used to export automatically an Access solution file when the problem is solved
  • Access Export: Metadata table
  • Fixed deletion of problems using product values
  • User Interface: Minor improvements
  • TestFramework: Solution file exportation module

Version date: 2017-03-27

  • Solution page: "Files" tab:
    • Fix unauthorized access error
    • Autorefresh page while file loads

Version date: 2017-03-22

  • Access files Importation
  • Solution Export: new "Files" tab on the Solution page
  • User Interface: Minor improvements

Version date: 2017-02-10

  • Solution Page: Indicator values display is fixed

Version date: 2017-01-11

  • Test Framework: Test case UI
  • Map: Now supports https

Version date: 2016-12-16

  • Excel Import: We can now define default optimization parameters in a "Parameters" sheet
  • Optimization page:
    • Variables and constraint names are now kept when exporting solution file
    • Reduced risk of timeouts
  • Map: Satellite view is not available anymore
  • Integration of an automated Test Framework

Version date: 2016-11-15

  • Solution Page: Indicator values display is fixed
  • Excel Import: Flow distance can now be null to be calculated automatically
  • Log: Better log when failing to delete a problem

Version date: 2016-11-08

  • User Interface:
    • Updated logos
    • Disabled features are now hidden
  • Excel Import:
    • Fixed: "Public" and "Private" groups were duplicated
    • Fixed: Timeouts when importing Flows on large problems
    • Imported files are now downloadable from Summary page
  • Optimization page:
    • Solver name parameter is now validated. Only valid solver name can be chosen.
    • Initial optimization state is now "EnqueuedForOptimization" instead of "NotInitialized"
    • Manipulating big optimization files should not timeout anymore
    • Optimization parameters default values changed
    • Logs now contains more informations
    • Optimization log mecanisms have been reworked to be more reliable
  • Database:
    • The database was modified to allow parallel problem processing
    • Data integrity was enforced
  • LogiOpt Module: A comprehensive error message is now shown when a bloc is missing from the HarvestMethods sheet

Version date: 2016-10-05

  • Fonction added to fix flow values easely from Python scripts

Version date: 2016-09-27

  • User Management: IsAdmin and IsSuperUser checkboxes states are now saved.
  • Map:
    • Now only one solution can be shown at a time.
    • The "See on map" button on solution page now works as expected.

Version date: 2016-09-22

  • Excel Import:
    • Fixed duplicated ExternalSupplies and Demands informations problem: Informations in SuppliesAndDemands sheet now overrides those on BusinessUnits sheet with a warning.
    • Fixed the creation of a DistributionBusinessUnit: No process is created for this type of business unit anymore.
  • Excel Export:
    • SuppliesAndDemands sheet: now gives complete information
    • Solution sheets: column UnitCost has been replaced by TotalCost
  • LogiOpt Module:
    • Values in the "Stem/ha" column of the "Blocks" sheet of the input file are no longer rounded
    • When importing flows, ones with invalid origin or destination are now skipped with a warning
    • When importing flows, duplicates are now skipped with a warning
    • When skipping BusinessUnits, we now display why it has been skipped
  • User Management:
    • New user manager interface
    • The role Superuser has been added
  • Fixed memory problem when showing optimization page
  • Map: A header is now shown on top of Logilab solutions

Version date: 2016-08-24

  • LogiOpt Module:
    • Inter-mills flows are now possible (but not visible in Logiopt export)
    • Added a function to bound input quantity per production line for a business unit

Version date: 2016-08-17

  • Fixed memory problem when fetching optimization files (log.txt, model.lp or solution.sol)

Version date: 2016-08-16

  • Logilab problem display:
    • Fixed invalid machine name after refresh of the optimization page
    • Fixed the possibility of an optimization line from another problem's optimization launch to appear on the optimization page
    • Fixed the possibility of having an "Unauthorized exception" when an administrator accesses a solution of another user's problem
  • Mathematical model:
    • Transportation mode was added to flow variable names
    • BusinessUnit name added to sold products variable names
  • LogiOpt Module:
    • We can now import different sets of sawing process for different harvest methods for the same sawmill
    • Board products are now differentiated by grade
    • Pile products are now differentiated by HarvestMethod
    • A warning is now shown when the same product has different prices
    • A warning is now shown when we have 2 processes with different productions for the same input product (the second one is skipped)
    • Export Excel:
      • now supported for non-mip problems
      • added « HarvestMethod » and « ProductionLine » columns in « ProduitsUsineBloc » sheet
      • cleaned « HarvestMode » column in « AssignationModeRecolte » sheet
    • Mathematical model:
      • Block name added to harvestmethod variables
      • Production lines and input product were added to mill process variable names
      • Production lines capacity constraints are now easier to identify
      • Variables "ProdLineTotalVar" added to evaluate quantity processed by production line
  • BugFix:
    • Fixed invalid machine name after refresh of the optimization page
    • Fixed the possibility of an optimization line from another problem's optimization launch to appear on the optimization page
    • Fixed the possibility of having an "Unauthorized exception" when an administrator accesses a solution of another user's problem

Version date: 2016-07-27

  • It is now possible to edit problems informations such as Name, Description and Group
  • It is now possible to make a problem Private by selecting Private when selecting the problem group
  • While solving a problem there is now a parameter to choose either variables will be written in a random order or not in the generated LP file
  • Database : The database has been modified to optimize performance while solving problems
  • Excel export:
    • BusinessUnits:
      • Added Column: "Capacity type"
      • Renamed Column: "Process Consumption"
      • Non Time-based capacity types are now supported
      • Multiple capacity types are now supported
  • Excel Import: Skipped nameless processes are now loggued
  • Added a function to bound input products for a business unit
  • Added functions to get products having given attributes

Version date: 2016-06-15

  • BugFix: Display error after selecting a solution no longer occur
  • BugFix: Problems with constraint per period
  • BugFix: "SyntaxError: unexpected token '?'" when executing Python script encoded in UTF-8 with BOM
  • Farm: Deploy, Delete and Optimization job now use the same farm as SilviLab
  • Export: Unit costs are now included in the exported solutions
  • Export: BusinessUnits: Fixed exported columns
  • Update: Typescript, Javascript tools and Visual Studio are now updated to their latest versions

Version date: 2016-02-25

  • New home page
  • Problem deployment is now run on solvers
  • Problem deletion is now run on solvers
  • Problems now have Status and Logs
  • Scrollbar fixes
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